The process of creating unique lettering for the series Dr. Seuss books Cat in The Hat, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and Green Eggs and Ham started with understanding the feeling each story gives. These books are full of spirit and joy and each cover reflects just that, when experimenting with different materials paint brushes and thick rounds pens gave those unique characteristics that each book has. Since these books are well recognizable when designing the use of common illustrations that you would commonly see in these books were not used.

Instead, more abstract shapes were used to reflect the mood each book has creating a different feel for the cover then what readers are used to. The overall letterforms in each book are very playful but represent each story well like for example Cat in The Hat is expressed with the letterforms drawn out to reflect the energetic feel Cat in The Hat brings, as well as the use of using a brush to mimic the fur from a cat. The design as a series flows well but each books characteristic shines through the lettering.


These textured elements are abstract shapes meant to reflect the feel of each book and the characteristics that each book has.

Sketch Process

When experimenting with the lettering process the common materials used were brush pens, paint pens and paint brushes.

Cover Sketches

Since these three books are easily recognizable the mood that each story has is reflected within the letterforms and the use of organic shapes are used in the background to further express the feeling each book has when you read each story.

Cat In The Hat

Cat in the hat enters the life of sally and her brother who are left alone on a rainy day the cat steps in bringing madness and mayhem. The letterforms reflect the joy cat in the hat brings as well as having a brush texture to reflect the hair of the cat.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

The cranky Grinch attempts to steal christmas by stealing gifts but then realizes that christmas is not about money and presents. The letterforms reflect how mischievous the grinch was and also the common shapes that are seen throught Whoville.

Green Eggs and Ham

Green Eggs and Ham is a story about a picky eater who refuses to eat green eggs and ham. The letter forms reflect the shape of bacon and the way an egg is on a pan in an abstract way.

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